Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Change Is A Coming - Melissa Smith Images

Hehe.. So I have decided it's time for a change. A good change. I am in the process of reworking my entire business. Everything from Website design, blog design even my business name is going to change just a little. I have been struggling with this for quite sometime now. Not sure if I should change, not sure I want to change. Well time to stop being scared and just jump in I guess. When I first started out in this industry I really wasn't sure where God would take me. Well in the last 4 years I have really grown into what I do. I have always had a passion for photography but just wasn't sure if that was Gods plan for me. I have always been afraid I guess. You know, what if it doesn't work out. What if I screw something up, just a lot of what ifs. I have to say I am proud of myself I think I have come along way in what I do. By no means at all am I the best, but I believe as time has moved I have definitely developed my own since of style in my work. I have grown into my work. I pray to God everyday that he keeps me strong in what I do and just lead me. Well, I guess he has decided to lead me into a more positive direction with the changes I am about to make. I have had hundreds of ideas in my head for the past year or so on what I want my business to grow into and now it's just time I make it happen. So stay tuned for some fabulous new make overs!!! Melissa Smith Photography will soon become.. Melissa Smith Images


Anastasia said...

I agree, sometimes it's best to just jump in and let God lead you where he will! And change is always a good thing!

nancy said...

Best of luck to you Melissa! If you love something this much, and God has opened doors for you, you will do well! I'm looking forward to seeing what/where you go with your career! Keep us posted!

nancy said...

Best of luck to you Melissa! If you love something this much and God has opened the doors for you, you will do well! Looking forward to see where you go with this career! Keep us posted!

Melissa said...

Thank you Nancy and Anastasia, I am really excited for everyone to see all the new stuff coming.