Sunday, January 18, 2009

What happens when friends let friends do a photoshoot!!!

WE HAD A BLAST. Ok so, no I am not normally all for being in front of a camera, hintz being a photographer I don't have to worry about being in front of it because I am always the one behind it!!! Well with the new year and all I want to venture out alittle more with my make up skills and such. So what do you do on a Saturday that is only 10degrees outside and you have no model.. You get one of you bff's and you set up your lights and just have her help you. It was funny. OMG my living room was a mess. We had make up all over the floor. Then I had so much lip stick on I couldn't move my lips without them feeling like they were going to crack. Also hintz all the weird things I seem to be doing with my lips in the photos!!! lol

So, here are a few of my favorits. Now I did not actually take these pictures.

Photocredit goes to Noel Fine Art Photography
Make Up, myself and Noel
Edits, myself (um yea they're edited!!!!! LOL)







Photography by Heather Roach said...

You are gorgeous girl. Noel did a great job.

Stacey J. said...

OMG that first shot is FABULOUS!!!!! Noel, great shot!! Melissa you are beautiful!

Jennifer Walsh said...

Melissa I am so jealous of your wedding photo. I don't have one!!
You are so beautiful!