Thursday, July 30, 2009


I need one up coming 2010 high school senior to become a spokes model for Melissa Smith Photography.

This is a good time for you seniors out there to earn some cool senior pictures. Here is what you have to do...

Your session will be FREE you will have the option to order prints but you also have the option to earn FREE prints. You will get 50 FREE senior referral cards with your picture on them that you will give out to your friends and their friends ect ect... For every Senior that comes in for a session and brings me your card you earn Print Dollars.. Print dollars are dollars you earn to spend on your senior prints. You earn $15.00 per Senior that you referr. If you hand out all of your cards and all 50 seniors come to me you could earn up to $750.00 in Free Pictures!!!!!! Even if you only referr 10 other seniors you earn $150.00 in Free Pictures.

Your photo session will be Free if you are accteped to be a spokes model. Your session will consist of up to 3 hours, unlimited outfits in that 3 hours, one hour will be spent in the studio and up to 2 hours will be spent on location (location will be decided at a later date).

Here is what I need. Either send me a facebook message or an email to and let me know if you're interested. I am only accepting 1 girl and 1 boy per school. All submissions must be messaged or emailed no later than Aug 15th. If you are choosen you will receive an email or message on Aug 16th.

You must be free to complete your session at the end of Aug.

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