Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Meet The Crazy Family!!!

Ok so I photographed my sisters wedding as a gift for her and I must say it was the HARDEST wedding I have ever photographed...why you may wonder, well it all started the night before with my sister and hair bridal party coming to my house and I guess you could say we got alittle tipsy!!! fun funn

My daughter was the flower girl so I had to do her hair, I also ended up having to do my sisters hair, and most of the bridal party make up.. We ended up not having any time to do any pre wedding shots, which are always my favorite ones.

well the wedding started and I couldn't see through the view finder from all the tears!!!!!!!!! My baby sister was getting married.
but I got through it, Came out with some really great shots. However things were really just a big rush that entire day I didn't HALF the pictures I normally take at a wedding. But at least some of the ones I got were great.

This is a peak of one of them which I am actually in.. The ONLY picture I am in that is!! These are all my brothers and my sister of course, my daughter, my 2 nephews, my dad and my step mother.

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