Friday, September 28, 2007

For My Friend

Ok so this is nothing photography related, but this is really important. I have a friend that I miss EVERYDAY. Her name is Belinda, and hopefully she will someday read this.. She was the best friend i ever had. Actually more like a sister. We had some of the best times together. We sometimes fought but when you love someone as much as i think we loved each other i think it's expected. As we got older things just happend. She was there for me during some of the best moments of my life and some of the worst moments of my life. Well i got married to a man that made me feel like i couldn't do anything (not married to him anymore) so we just kinda got seperated and that was my fault.

Anyway I miss her and I am not only hoping that i hear from her one day, I hope one day we can be friends again.

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